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​The EU Tech Policy Fellowship is a 7-month programme that empowers ambitious graduates to launch European policy careers focused on emerging technology.​ At the core of our programme is a focus on ensuring the safe and responsible deployment of artificial intelligence and related technologies.

As a fellow in our program, you will have the choice of two distinct tracks:

Training track: 

  • Explore the intricacies of tech policy during our 8-week Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals Programme.

  • Engage in a 10-day policymaking summit in Brussels.

  • Receive personalized support & coaching to confidently initiate your career in tech policy.

Placement track:

  • Experience the full scope of our training track by participating in our 8-week Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals Programme and attending our 10-day Brussels Summit.

  • Secure a 4-6 month placement at a respected think tank, complemented by a stipend to support your efforts.

The 2024 EU Tech Policy Fellowship Winter Cohort will run from January - July 2024. Applications for the Winter cohort will close on October 15th. 

Applications open

Sep 2023

Fellows selected

Nov 2023

Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals

Jan - Feb 2024


Feb 25th -
Mar 2nd 2024

Think Tank Placement

Mar - July 2024

Winter Cohort 2024


We believe that emerging technologies developed this century, especially artificial intelligence, could profoundly shape society and pose a significant risk to humanity.

Europe has an important role to play in managing the long-term societal impacts of these technologies. However, relative to their importance, these issues receive much less attention than they deserve and many policymakers remain unfamiliar with the fundamentals of these technologies.

The EU Tech Policy Fellowship seeks to change that. We're creating a community of expert policy professionals to ensure emerging technologies are deployed safely and responsibly.


Shaping the tech policy leaders of tomorrow


Fellows participate in one of two tracks: the training track or the placement track. Both provide a strong foundation in emerging technology governance and are designed to accelerate fellows' careers.

Meeting at office

Training Track

This track is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of tech policy and is ideal for those interested in participating part-time.


This track offers a structured and immersive learning experience, providing a strong foundation for a career focused on emerging technology governance.

  • AI Governance Fundamentals: Across 8 weeks, you'll delve into the intricacies of tech policy, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence. Through our comprehensive curriculum, you'll explore key concepts, such as compute governance, the regulation of general purpose systems, and cybersecurity. You'll complete readings, assignments and attend a 2-hour session each week featuring a guest lecture from an industry expert. We expect the workload to be 5-10 hours per week.

  • Brussels Summit: A week-long policymaking summit which serves as an opportunity to interact with policymakers and peers in the field. It's a chance to apply your newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios and gain a deeper understanding of the policymaking process in Europe. Travel and accommodation costs will be fully covered.

  • Personalised Support: Support and guidance will be provided for those wishing to pursue a position at the European Commission, in party politics or in another policy role. This can include a 1-2 month stipend to explore and apply for relevant roles, career coaching, and feedback on applications.


Placement Track

This track offers an immersive and hands-on experience that takes your understanding of tech policy to the next level. Fellows build concrete experience in emerging technology policy by working within a think tank for 4-6 months. This track is designed for those who seek not only knowledge but also real-world application in the field of emerging technology governance.

  • Comprehensive Training: Alongside our Training Track fellows, you'll complete the 8-week AI Governance Fundamentals Programme and participate in a week-long policymaking summit in Brussels. AI Governance Fundamentals. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts and challenges in tech policy,

  • 4-6 month placement: Following the training, you'll secure a 4-6 month placement at a respected think tank specialising in emerging technology policy. You'll receive a stipend of up to €2,250 per month during this period.

    Each placement will be unique. Fellows will be matched with a partner organisation based on their skills and the needs of the organisation. Both fellows and host organisations are consulted in the matching process to find the best fit. 

    Our placement organizations include prestigious institutions such as the Centre for European Policy Studies, the Future Society, and more. During your placement, you'll engage in real-world projects, contribute to policy research, and build valuable networks in the industry.

  • Emerging technology expertise. A deep interest in artificial intelligence and its effects on society. Many fellows will previous experience, education, or a deep interest in artificial intelligence, or related technologies.

  • Relentless. Brussels can be fast-paced, with short research timelines and narrow policy windows. We expect our fellows to strive in such an environment, producing high quality results under pressure.

  • Excellent communication skills. Exceptionally strong verbal and written communication skills for internal and external stakeholders. Fellows must be able to communicate complex with a range of stakeholders and tailor their approach accordingly.

  • EU Citizenship. We have a strong preference for candidates with EU citizenship. In exceptional circumstances, we may accept fellows interested in tech policy careers in other influential regions (e.g. UK and US).

  • Undergraduate degree. We only accept fellows with at least undergraduate degree, and many of our fellows hold a masters degree. Though we're open to applications from any subject area, we're particularly interested in those with a machine learning or public policy background.

Our fellows will pursue roles ranging from politics to applied research. Given this, the fellowship consistently accepts a diverse cohort with varied expertise across technical areas, political systems and policy processes. 


If you think you have what it takes, but don't meet every single point above, please apply and let us know how you believe you can bring your unique skills to the world of tech policy. 

Who we look for


Anka Reuel

Co-founder, Center for the Advancement of Trustworthy AI


How to apply

Our application process comprises 5 stages. The further you get, the more time we’ll ask you to invest.


(<60 minutes)

Complete our application form. Include your CV and answer some short essay questions.


Short work sample & automated interview
(2 hours)

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete a ~90 minute test task and a ~30 minute automated interview.


Longer work sample
(2-3 hours)

Submit a piece of writing on a topic related to European tech policy.


Live interview
(<60 minutes)

A deeper interview with a member of the EU Tech Policy Fellowship team. Answer general and situational questions relevant to tech policy in a remote interview.


Interview with placement organisation
(<60 minutes)

If necessary, an interview will be scheduled with potential placement organisations to assess your fit with the organisation.

Computer Programmers
The EU Tech Policy Fellowship enabled me to substantially expand my network in technology policy.

It also equipped me with novel tools to analyse and, hopefully one day, have a socially beneficial impact on the EU's technology policy
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